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Why A&W Iron & Metal, Inc.

From Homeowners to Local Businesses
A&W Meets All Your Metal Recycling Needs

First and foremost, A&W Iron & Metal, Inc. makes our customers a priority, no matter how big the challenge. From everyday recycling needs to more complex pickups, A&W has all the bases covered when it comes to metal recycling. Our full service recycling center handles it all whether you’re a plumber, an electrician or an average joe homeowner. We’re more than happy to take scrap metal, and put cash right back in your pocket while we’re at it.

We happily accept community walk-ins, whether you’ve got a big bag of aluminum cans to recycle or don’t know what to do with that old refrigerator in your garage, we’re here to help. Whatever the case, at A&W we take our commitment to recycling seriously, disposing of all items the safest way possible.

What we’ll take:

• Aluminum cans – Beer and soda cans
• Appliances – Dishwashers, washer and dryers, stoves, ovens, water heaters (Prices subject to change. Please see office for current pricing)
• Car batteries
• EDM wire
• Insulated wire
• Iron
• Steel
• Copper
• Brass
• Lead
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steal
• Zinc
• Bronze
• Nickel
• Machinery and motors — Tractors, trucks, cars and more
• All metals

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call at (262) 338-8487, and we’ll help you figure out how to get your item disposed of safely and properly.

Please note:

The following items will contaminate your load. You will be charged $30 per each contaminated item, which will be used to cover the cost of safe and proper disposal at the appropriate facility.

Should we deem the amount of contaminated items excessive, we may refuse to accept your load. While this may seem restrictive, at A&W we value safety above all else. If we feel we cannot dispose of an item properly, we will not take it — plain and simple.

Again, if you have any questions at all, please talk to one of our knowledgeable employees, we’ll point you in the right direction and do whatever it takes to get your recycling needs taken care as best we can.

For more information on our scrap metal recycling services, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

• Whole Aerosol cans
Batteries – This includes lead acid, flashlight and Ni-Cad batteries
• Whole barrels and drums – We will accept them if they have the end removed, are clean and dry
• E-waste – This includes computers, keyboards and monitors, microwaves, televisions, copy machines
Capacitors – You’d find these in appliances like microwaves furnaces or garage door openers, as well as televisions and electric motors (i.e. those found in power tools)
Non-metallic materials—Trash, glass and plastics, or organic materials like dirt, rocks or wood.
Oil filters – OK if burned out
Paint cans containing paint
Propane tanks
Freon or freon tanks
Hazardous waste of any kind, including radioactive materials
Transformers – Oil Type

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